Boards and governance in African national cricket organisations: An exploratory study

  • M Jansen van Rensburg
  • P Venter
  • HS Kriek
Keywords: governance, national sport organisations, boards, strategic management


Sport organisations face escalating performance pressures from various stakeholders, which places increasing demands on the governance structures of such organisations. However, little research has been undertaken to understand sport governance of national sports organisations within the African context. This paper will focus on the roles and structures of the boards of African national cricket organisations to enhance the understanding of board involvement in strategic planning and implementation. This study used a sequential mixed method design to gather empirical data from 23 cricket associations affiliated to the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) African Cricket Association (ACA). The research reports on the composition of the boards of African cricket organisations as well as the perceived roles and responsibilities of boards in the strategic planning process and implementation thereof. It explores the perceived influence of the ICC on the governance compliance of African National Cricket organisations, and lastly indicates the strategic management activities performed by such boards.

Key words: governance, national sport organisations, boards, strategic management


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-8125
print ISSN: 1561-896X