South African Family Practice

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Cancer Awareness and Knowledge among Black South Africans

SM Mogotlane


INTRODUCTION In the wake of the HIV/AIDS scourge, cancer, with its poor prognosis has emerged as another common and most dreaded disease. The late presentation of sufferers for diagnosis is cause for concern as the disease is curable if diagnosed early. The study was undertaken to explore the awareness and knowledge that black people have about cancer in view of their reported delay in presenting themselves for proper diagnosis and treatment and the high incidence of defaulting even when the diagnosis is made.

METHODOLOGY An exploratory descriptive survey was done in selected black areas whereupon a systematic random sampling of households was done and interviews with household heads from the selected households conducted.

RESULTS The majority (88.55%) of black people were reported to be aware of cancer, but very few (31.74%) knew about cancer.

CONCLUSION Based on the results of the study it was concluded that more campaigns need to be staged to promote the knowledge about cancer building on the existing awareness.

Key words: Cancer, Awareness, Knowledge, Survey, Blacks, Africans.

SA Fam Prac Vol.25(2) 2002: 11-15

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