Rigid endoscope-assisted tracheal intubation in a case of epiglottic cyst

  • G Ramanathan
  • G Shalini
  • MD Karunanithi
  • PK Purushottaman
  • K Ratnam
  • R Umadevi
Keywords: epiglottic cyst, 30<sup>0</sup> nasal endoscope, nasotracheal intubation


Epiglottic cysts are of particular interest to both surgeons and anaesthetists because of the way in which they encroach on the airway. An epiglottic cyst in a 29-year-old woman was scheduled for endoscopic excision. It was located at the vallecula, and measured around 3 x 4 cm. As a fibre-optic bronchoscope was not available in our institution, endotracheal intubation was achieved with the help of a rigid endoscope and video-camera system.

Keywords: epiglottic cyst, 300 nasal endoscope, nasotracheal intubation


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eISSN: 2220-1173
print ISSN: 2220-1181