Accessibility of women farmers to agricultural information in South Western Nigeria

  • TOA Banmeke
  • TA Olowu


This study ascertained the access of women farmers to agricultural information in South Western Nigeria. A total of 347 women farmers were randomly selected from Ondo, Delta, Ogun and Oyo States. Data were analyzed using means, standard deviation, chi–square and person product moment correlation. Findings reveal that 43.3% of the respondents are between 41–50 years of age and their needs for agricultural information were met by extension agents (90.5%). Furthermore, the women farmers were accessible to technical information on improved seeds (x = 2.59), storage methods (x = 2.44), but poor access to operating farm machinery (x =0.49) and weather forecast (x =0.68). With regard to economic information they were accessible to market locations (x =2.40), but had low access to information on exporting procedure (x = 0.22). A significant relationship exists between women farmers' age and access to agricultural information. Therefore, pertinent information bothering on increasing the economic base of women farmers such as exporting procedures should be incorporated into extension packages directed at women farmers.

Keywords: accessibility, agricultural information, women farmers

South African Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol. 34(2) 2005: 237-246

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eISSN: 2413-3221
print ISSN: 0301-603X