South African Journal of Agricultural Extension

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The influence of decentralization on effectiveness of extension organization in Oroma State,

KB Jibba, GH Düvel


Against the background of frequent organisational changes and restructuring, often based on impulsive decisions rather than structured feasibility studies or evaluations,
this article examines the influence of decentralization on the performance of an
extension organization. Based on a survey of 353 respondents from Oromia region,
one of the nine regions in Ethiopia, representing various agro ecological zones and
managerial positions, it examines the current level of organizational performance, the
influence of the 2002 restructuring on organizational performance and the factors
influencing the organizational effectiveness. The knowledge of these influences is
important for improving the current and future design of organizational change and
development practices. The findings show that the current organizational efficiency is low. The effect of the 2002 restructuring on organizational performance was mostly small or negligible. The organizational performance was influenced by various factors; the most critical being skilled manpower, availability of accommodation/offices, extension teaching
aids; farmers\' motivation, collaborations between institutions, government policy &
regulations and political forces. These findings can be useful in assisting managers in
their endeavours to correct weaknesses and to focus on the most critical issues for the
improvement of organizational performance.

Keywords: Extension, perception, decentralisation, organizational efficiency, operating efficiency, processes efficiency, organizational health, performance measurement.

South African Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol. 37 2008: pp. 97-115

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