South African national reconciliation discourse and isiXhosa written poetry: 1994–2004

  • Godfrey Vulindlela Mona
  • Russell H. Kaschula


The main thesis put forward in this article is that during the first ten years of democracy in South Africa, 1994–2004, isiXhosa poetry contributed thematically to the goal of reconciliation. Furthermore, this poetry demonstrates how an aspect of culture can be employed to advance the sociopolitical process of reconciliation. IsiXhosa writers, through their poetry, exposed the on-the-ground endeavours that contributed to the broader and deepening reconciliation process, thereby making a meaningful contribution towards the interpretation and building of a fair, democratic and inclusive South African society. The article analyses a number of poems against the backdrop of the post-1994 reconciliation process in South Africa.


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eISSN: 2305-1159
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