South African Journal of African Languages

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The under-described languages of Morogoro: A sociolinguistic survey

Malin Petzell


This article investigates a language cluster in the Morogoro region, Tanzania. The under-described languages under survey include Kagulu (G12), Zigua (G31), Kwere (G32), Zalamo (G33), Nguu (G34), Luguru (G35), Kami (G36) and Kutu (G37). The sociolinguistic situation is mapped, including numbers of speakers, where the languages are spoken and in what situations (domains). The languages’ level of endangerment as well as the speakers’ attitudes to their own language are also examined. All language data stem from the author’s field work in the area. Despite holding a high status among the speakers themselves, the languages in this survey turned out to be more or less endangered.

South African Journal of African Languages 2012, 32(1): 17–26

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