The South African Journal of Animal Science is a peer-reviewed journal for publication of original scientific research articles and reviews in the field of animal science. The journal is published both electronically and in paper format. The scope of the journal includes reports of research dealing with farm livestock species (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry), as well as pertinent aspects of research on aquatic and wildlife species. The main disciplines covered are nutrition, genetics and physiology. Papers dealing with sociological aspects of well-defined livestock production systems are also invited, providing they are scientific by nature and have been carried out in a systematic way.

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Published: 2023-04-18

Performance, carcass yield, and meat quality of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) fed on diets with different levels of concentrate

S. A. F. Melo, A.L.R. Magalhães, M.L.M.W. Neves, F.F.R. DE Carvalho, A. A. S. Melo, G. H. P. Vieira, D.O. Lima, D.M. De Lima Júnior, R.A.S. Pessoa


Changes in cardiac troponin I (cTnI), T (cTnT), and some biochemical parameters in Arabian racehorses after training

C. Ayvazoğlu, Ş. Kızıltpe, Ü. Yaşar, Ü. Yaşar, Z.G. Yaşar, P. Demir, A. C. Tunc


Organic minerals, tributyrin, and blend of organic acids in the diet of commercial laying hens at the end of production

D. A. Miranda, L. F. S. Moreira, A. A. de Almeida, J. A. Vieira-Filho, L. C. M, J. K. Valentim, H. F. Oliveira, A. Geraldo


Serological and haemato-biochemical insights into bovine leukosis in dairy cattle in D.I. Khan, Pakistan

Habib Ullah, A. Nasir, M. Kashif, M. Sajid, A. Sikandar, M. Umer Farooq, A. Rahman, F. Ullah


Synthesis and antibacterial activity of a ZnO-fibre complex

Fawn Dai, Tao Lin, Xia Huang, Mujia Shi, Fei Zhao, Yaojun Yang, Xiang Nong


Differential gene expression in the Longissimus dorsi of Nguni and Bonsmara bulls finished on low and high energy diets

D.A. Linde, E. van Marle-Köster, M.M. Scholtz, M.G. Gonda, J.L. Gonzalez-Hernandez, M. D. MacNeil


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