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Vol 13, No 2 (1983) A comparison of methods used to estimate a rate costant for outflow from the rumen Abstract   PDF
JP Pienaar, Z Roux, AB van Zyl
Vol 21, No 2 (1991) A comparison of optimum and maximum reproduction using the rat as a model Abstract   PDF
MM Scholtz, CZ Roux, DS de Bruin
Vol 13, No 3 (1983): Symposium A comparison of rumen functioh in four Kalahari ungulates Abstract   PDF
W Van Hoven
Vol 22, No 5 (1992) A comparison of the performance of Holstein and Friesian bulls in the South African Progeny Testing Scheme Abstract   PDF
H.E. Theron, M.M. Scholtz
Vol 30, No 1 (2000) A comparison of the yield, nutritional value and predicted production potential of different maize hybrids for silage production Abstract   PDF
R. Meeske, H.M. Basson, J.P. Pienaar, C.W. Cruywagen
Vol 30 (2000): Supplement 1 A comparison of three methods of Nitrogen analysis for feedstuffs Abstract   PDF
D.L. Figenschou, J.P. Marais, M. De Figueiredo
Vol 45, No 3 (2015) A consumer perspective of the South African red meat classification system Abstract   PDF
H Vermeulen, HC Schonfeldt, B Pretorius
Vol 29, No 2 (1999) A critical at the use of exotic bulls in traditional beef farming in Botswana Abstract   PDF
SJ Nsoso, TG Morake
Vol 42, No 5 (2012): Supplement A description of body growth and composition of South African Black ostriches (Struthio camelus var. domesticus) under free-choice feeding conditions Abstract   PDF
TS Brand, WJ Kritzinger, LC Hoffman, RM Gous
Vol 36 (2006): Supplement A developing country perspective on recent developments in animal breeders and intellectual property rights Abstract   PDF
MM Scholtz, J Mamabolo
Vol 6, No 1 (1976) A generalisation of an approximate method to calculate inbreeding coefficients Abstract   PDF
B Cilliers
Vol 34, No 4 (2004) A genetic analysis of epistaxis as associated with EIPH in the Southern African Thoroughbred Abstract   PDF
H Weideman, SJ Schoeman, GF Jordaan
Vol 48, No 5 (2018) A glance at achievements of SASAS and animal scientists in southern Africa over more than 50 years Abstract   PDF
J.B.J. van Ryssen
Vol 14, No 2 (1984) A laboratory assessment of various treatment conditions affecting the ammoniation of wheat straw by urea. 1. The effect of temperature, moisture level and treatment period Abstract   PDF
SWP Cloete, NM Kritzinger
Vol 15, No 4 (1985) A laboratory assessment of various treatment conditions affecting the ammoniation of wheat straw by urea. 2. The effect of physical form, moisture level, and prolonged treatment period Abstract   PDF
SWP Cloete, NM Kritzinger
Vol 21, No 1 (1991) A laboratory study of the composition and fermentation of various crop silages Abstract   PDF
C.H.M. de Brouwer, H.J. van der Merwe, L.D. Snyman
Vol 10, No 2 (1980): Symposium A marketing and promotion strategy for wool Abstract   PDF
S.P. van Wyk
Vol 9, No 2 (1979): Symposium A meat production strategy for southern Africa Abstract   PDF
J.D.G. Steenkamp
Vol 7, No 1 (1977) A micro-radioimmunoassay for measurement of rat luteinizing hormone Abstract   PDF
D Querido, C.J. Beardwood
Vol 9, No 2 (1979): Symposium A milk production strategy for southern Africa Abstract   PDF
M.N. Hermann
Vol 39, No 1 (2009): Supplement: Papers from WCAP Proceedings A model for assessing Medicago Sativa L. hay quality Abstract   PDF
G.D.J Scholtz, H.J van der Merwe, T.P Tylutki
Vol 2, No 2 (1972): Symposium A model research council for agriculture in South Africa Abstract   PDF
W.H. Craib
Vol 30 (2000): Supplement 1 A modification of the Daisy II - 220 technique for the determination of in vitro dry matter digestibility Abstract   PDF
M. De Figueiredo, A. Mbhele, J. Zondi
Vol 30, No 2 (2000) A nonparametric Bayesian approach for genetic evaluation in animal breeding Abstract   PDF
A.L. Pretorius, A.J. Van der Merwe
Vol 9, No 2 (1979) A note on condition indices for adult male Impala, Aepyceros melampus Abstract   PDF
R.H. Monro, J.D. Skinner
Vol 1, No 1 (1971) A note on contamination of oesophageal fistula samples with rumen ingesta Abstract   PDF
W.D. Basson
Vol 2, No 2 (1972) A note on cryptorchidism in Angora goats Abstract   PDF
JD Skinner, JAH van Heerden, Elsje J Goris
Vol 3, No 2 (1973) A note on heat tolerance and thyroid function in Africander and Hereford cows Abstract   PDF
J.M. van der Westhuysen
Vol 6, No 1 (1976) A note on intensive weaner calf production from dairy cows Abstract   PDF
J Reyneke
Vol 5, No 1 (1975) A note on prediction of semen quality and fertility Abstract   PDF
A.F. Rossouw
Vol 12, No 3 (1982) A note on tests of significance and confidence intervals for estimates of genetic change involving offspring of rams from control and selection flocks Abstract   PDF
CZ Roux
Vol 1, No 1 (1971) A note on the carcass composition of the common eland (Taurotragus oryx Abstract   PDF
M von La Chevallerie, J.M. Erasmus, J.D. Skinner, J.H.M. van Zyl
Vol 1, No 1 (1971) A note on the comparative microanatomy of M. longissimus dorsi of the African elephant and domestic bull Abstract   PDF
D.M. Joubert
Vol 20, No 3 (1990) A note on the dependence of juvenile marron, Cherax tenuimanus (Smith) (Decapoda: Parastacidae), on filter feeding Abstract   PDF
RA van den Berg, HJ Schoonbee, HH du Preez
Vol 21, No 4 (1991) A note on the early calving of beef heifers Abstract   PDF
MM Scholtz, PE Lombard, CB Enslin
Vol 44, No 2 (2014) A note on the effect of dietary supplementation with herbal extracts on sow and litter performance Abstract   PDF
K Lipiński, H Skórko-Sajko, Z Antoszkiewicz, C Purwin, E Kucman
Vol 17, No 2 (1987) A note on the effect of wheat versus maize on the backfat composition of baconer pigs Abstract   PDF
F.K. Siebrits, E.H. Kemm, M.N. Ras
Vol 1, No 1 (1971) A note on the effects of material or foetal injection of flumethasone and of thyroidectomy on the termination of pregnancy Abstract   PDF
J.M. van der Westhuysen
Vol 24, No 2 (1994) A note on the evaluation of a simulation program for beef cattle breeding and production Abstract   PDF
P du Toit, MM Scholtz, IF Dickson, J van der Westhuizen
Vol 13, No 4 (1983) A note on the insertion of rumen cannulae in pregnant ewes Abstract   PDF
H.O. de Waal, E.A.N. Engels, L.C. Biel
Vol 5, No 2 (1975) A note on the meat-consumption pattern of a group of black university students Abstract   PDF
D.L. Brown
Vol 26, No 2 (1996) A note on the occurrence of mycotoxins in cereals and animal feedstuffs in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa 1984-1993 Abstract   PDF
MF Dutton, A Kinsey
Vol 16, No 2 (1986) A note on the phenotypic relationship between 18-month mating mass and average lifetime reproductive performance of Merino ewes in the Tygerhoek flock Abstract   PDF
SWP Cloete, HJ Heyndenrych
Vol 5, No 1 (1975) A note on the validity of using combinations of predictive equations for estimating body composition from tritiated water space Abstract   PDF
HH Meissner, EU Bieler
Vol 48, No 3 (2018) A novel flush technique to simulate natural dispersal of spermatozoa in the female reproductive tract and expedite motility assessment of fresh ejaculated Merino (Ovis aries) sperm Abstract   PDF
N.H. Boshoff, H Lambrechts, L Maree, S.W.P. Cloete, G van der Horst
Vol 48, No 1 (2018) A nutritional and economic evaluation of Moringa oleifera leaf meal as a dietary supplement in West African Dwarf goats Abstract   PDF
A.O. Yusuf, V Mlambo, S.O. Iposu
Vol 22, No 6 (1992) A nutritional evaluation of Geotrichum candidum grown on an industrial effluent Abstract   PDF
FJ Nell, FK Siebrits, JP Hayes
Vol 26, No 2 (1996) A preliminary assessment of predictive measures for the expression of weaning efficiency in sheep Abstract   PDF
SJ Schoeman
Vol 44, No 5 (2014) A preliminary investigation into genotype x environment interaction in South African Holstein cattle for reproduction and production traits Abstract   PDF
FWC Neser, JB van Wyk, V Ducrocq
Vol 17, No 3 (1987) A preliminary investigation into the use of testis size in cross-bred rams as a selection index for ovulation rate in female relatives Abstract   PDF
S.J. Schoeman, H.C. Els, G.C. Combrink
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