Pb(II) and Mn(II) Supermolecular Polymers of Bipy and (4-Chlorophenyloxy) Acetate Anions: Syntheses, Structure and Fluorescence Properties

  • L Li
  • D Diao
  • Y Ding,
Keywords: Supermolecular polymers, fluorescence, 4-chlorophenyloxyacetic acid


Two new supermolecular polymers of the formula [Pb4L8(2,2’-bipy)4] 1 and [MnL2(4,4’-bipy)] 2 [HL = (4-chlorophenyloxy)acetic acid] have been synthesized and characterized by X-ray single crystal diffraction analysis, elemental analysis, fluorescence spectroscopy method and electrochemical analysis. Complex 1 is a multinuclear dimmer in which four Pb ions are linked together by the L ligands. In complex 2, each carboxyl of L bridges two Mn ions to form infinite Mn–O–C-Orods. Both in complex 1 and complex 2, ππ stacking and van der Waals’ interactions make the two complexes stable, 3-D, supermolecular polymers. This work will contribute to the design and synthesis of fluorescent, supramolecular polymers.

Keywords: Supermolecular polymers, fluorescence, 4-chlorophenyloxyacetic acid


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eISSN: 0379-4350