Synthesis of TOPO-capped Nanocrystals of Copper Sulphide from a Single-source Precursor, [Cu(S2CNMe(nHex))2]

  • Neerish Revaprasadu
  • M Azad Malik
  • Paul O'Brien
Keywords: Nanocrystals, Copper(I) sulphide, TOPO, Photoluminescence, TEMSAED


Nearly mono-dispersed TOPO-capped copper sulphide nanocrystals of ca. 4.5 nm (diameter) have been synthesized from [Cu(S2CNMe(nHex))2]. The absorption spectrum of the (Cu2S) nanoparticles shows a large blue shift (2.09 eV) in relation to bulk Cu2S (1022 nm, 1.21 eV). The PL gives a broad spectrum with an emission maximum at 477 nm. The HRTEM of the nanoparticles shows clusters of particles on the copper grid with clear lattice fringes.

South African Journal of Chemistry Vol.57 2004: 40-43

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0379-4350