Viewpoint: Indigenous Concepts, Institutions and Practices in Response to Environmental Degradation and HIV/AIDS

  • M Mlipha


This Viewpoint paper is inspired by the attention given to indigenous concepts and practices in the search for solutions to the problems of HIV/AIDS and environmental degradation. The paper focusses on the review and description of various indigenous concepts with respect to their relevance in the fight against HIV/AIDS, in particular, and environmental degradation in general. This opinion paper has been inspired by the contributions of Lungi Goduka, Soul Shava, Clayton Zazu, Jones Nkole, Charles Chikunda, Caleb Mandikonza and Mary Chintu-Chilele and others, who made a moving presentation in the 2005 EEASA conference in Lusaka around the concepts of litiko and lilima emphasising their potential role in fight against HIV/AIDS. The paper finds litiko to be a limited forum hence the suggestion that sibuya could actually be appropriate since it is more elaborate than litiko. The importance of lilima is recognised, particularly in the dissemination of information and as a support forum for those already affected by HIV/ AIDS. However, lilima may not really be of great help in the education aspect. The paper further introduces the concepts of lisango and indlunkhulu as fora for the involvement of males and the whole community in the fight against HIV/AIDS and its impacts.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2411-5959
print ISSN: 1810-0333