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Think Piece: Reflections on the individual-collective relation in change agency formation in the Samso Renewable Energy Island (REI) project

Monica Carlsson


This think piece offers reflections on change agency formation in the Renewable Energy Island (REI) project on Samso, initated by reflections following a field visit to the Island in June 2016. Both individual and collective agency are set out as central for the processes leading to the change in the REI project, spurring reflections on individual-collective agency dimensions in change agency formation related to climate change issues, inspired by notions of participation in everyday life (Micheletti 2002; 2010; Marres 2011). The think piece furthermore focuses on an exploration of two different formats of knowledge sharing in the learning processes leading to change on Samso - ‘neighborly visits’ and web-based documentation, emphasizing the role of knowledge in educational responses to climate change. Drawing on Jamison’s notion on the making of green knowledge in the tension between environmental politics and cultural transformation (Jamison 2001; 2010), the think piece suggests that the REI project can be characterized by taking both an adaptive approach and by social resilient development.


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