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Site suitability analysis and route optimization for solid waste disposal in Yola Town, Adamawa State Nigeria

F.D. Emmanuel, A.A. Musa, Z Nanpon


Solid waste management system is a tedious task that is facing both developing and developed countries. Site Suitability analysis and route optimization for solid waste disposal can make waste management cheap and can be used for sustainable development. However, if the disposal site(s) is/are not sited and handle properly, it can cause environmental pollution and affect public health, hence the application of GIS and Remote Sensing to waste disposal Site Suitability analysis and route optimization for solid waste in Yola town. Different factors or criteria were considered in relation to solid waste disposal sites. In order to achieve the aim of this paper, the Boolean logic was used, where suitable areas were assigned value 1 and unsuitable area were assigned 0 for each of the criteria. The Boolean images were overlaid to produce the suitability map. The result of the suitability analysis gave a total of six sites out of which three met the criteria of size having an area of 612.75Ha which constitute 6.12% of the total area of the study area. The optimized route were generated connecting the proposed disposal site which are truck 1, truck 2, and truck 3 with distances of 19.65km, 17.16km and 22.11km respectively. It is recommended that remote sensing and GIS can be used in increasing efficiency of solid waste management in an urban settlement.

Keywords: Solid waste, Suitable site, Route Optimization, GIS, Remote Sensing and Disposal site
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