Factors contributing to declining enrolments at the University of Transkei

  • SN Imenda University of the North
  • M Kongolo Vista University
  • AS Grewal University of Transkei


This study investigated factors which could explain the decline of student numbers at the University of Transkei. The findings indicated that the choice of the institution was made principally by the respondents themselves based on their career directions. However, affordability, in terms of the fee structure, prospects for financial assistance and proximity to their homes also came out as major determinants in the respondents' ultimate choice of the institution. The institution's public image and stability, the quality of staff, institutional facilities and availability of other resources for teaching and learning, administrative efficiency, friendliness of staff, admissions and course registration procedures, the language of instruction, fairness in the allocation of facilities and other resources, as well as the treatment of students on an equal and fair basis, all played a major role in attracting students. Catering and hostel facilities were not major factors in the students' choice of the institution.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol.16(2) 2002: 122-129

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eISSN: 1011-3487