Globalisation and international compatibility - a challenge to learning within the context of application

  • JS Wessels University of South Africa


The contexts of institutions for higher education are in flux with consequent learning challenges. One of these challenges is that of globalisation and the need for international compatibility. Another challenge is that Mode 2 learning programmes, material and methods need to be relevant to the specific context in which they are applied. The purpose of this article is therefore to determine whether it is possible for offerings of learning to be relevant to the country-specific context of learners and simultaneously prepare learners to be internationally competitive and globally compatible. This article argues that learning that has occurred in a country-specific context does not necessarily equip learners with only country-specific knowledge and skills. Problems that are investigated may be country-specific, but the transferrable knowledge, skills and competencies that are produced from reflection on a problem in one context can be used to solve similar problems in other contexts.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol.16(1) 2002: 189-194

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eISSN: 1011-3487