South African Journal of Higher Education

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Educating facilitators of an authentic learning approach

RP Muller, DM de Kock


In this article the challenge of developing teachers able to equip themselves and their learners with knowledge, skills and, especially, values and attitudes is considered. The need for a reconceptualisation of teacher education is emphasised and an authentic learning approach employing educational drama strategies is proposed. The scenarios of two learning tasks are described and analysed in detail to indicate the strategies, techniques and tools used. The authentic learning which ensues is discussed and the cross-curricular, integrative and holistic nature of this approach is shown. Suggestions for an education programme for teachers who would facilitate this approach to learning are shortly discussed and diagrammatically presented. The competencies pursued in this programme issue from the integrated development of knowledge, skills, the self and the imagination of the facilitators.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol.15(1) 2001: 205-216
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