South African Journal of Higher Education

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Teaching and technology: the traits and attitudes of highly rated lecturers

D van der Westhuizen, N Murdoch, GP De Bruin


The emergence of Information and Communications Technology in education, which includes online learning, leads to a 'technological imperative' for institutions of higher learning. A barrier to the successful adoption of online learning is the willingness of lecturers to utilise such technology for learning. In this article we examine a purposive sample of highly rated lecturers' teaching practice in order to isolate their desirable teaching traits. They appear to perpetuate traditional face-to-face teaching, and some may resist the use of technology in their teaching. These lecturers claim that their teaching practice is successful, and that there is no need to invest in alternative approaches. A contributing factor to this reluctance is their lack of technological knowledge and skills. We hold the position that lecturers' teaching may improve by embracing online learning. The traits that make them successful lecturers may be easily converted to online teaching traits.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol.18(2) 2004: 336-345
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