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Clarifying students' perceptions of different belief systems and values: prerequisite for effective education praxis

C Roux
P Du Preez


Prior to 1994, the presence of minority belief systems and values in education were largely ignored in South Africa. It could be expected that after ten years of democracy students' understanding of, for instance, the values of inclusivity and diversity in a multicultural society in general and tertiary education in particular should not be in question. However, it appears as if personal perceptions of students in a teacher training programme have the potential to influence their education praxis, despite a module focussing on diversity of cultures, belief systems and values.

This article reports on one part of a research project on the perceptions of third-year students at a tertiary institution on different belief systems and values, undertaken in 2004. The authors discuss only the data gathering process, analysis of data and conclusions drawn from the two qualitative questionnaires.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 20 (3) 2006: 514-531

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eISSN: 1011-3487