South African Journal of Higher Education

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Tempus fugit; tempers fly: Time (mis)management at a South African university

WL Holderness, MAJ Olivier, DJL Venter


This article examinationines the actual time academics have at their disposal, and
the lack of time they feel and experience in practice; how they use and misuse their
time and the effect this has on their state of being. The authors work on the premise
that time management is a life skill. By means of surveys administered over a
period of three years across all Faculties in a South African, and within one Faculty
in particular, issues relating to the use of time by academics are identified and
analysed, compared and contrasted. The concluding section identifies principles
which can lead to improved use of time and an enhanced sense of well-being of
academics of Higher Education.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 19 (4) 2005: pp.699-714
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