The job satisfaction of black female academics

  • S Schulze


The aim of this research was to investigate the job satisfaction of black, female academics at a distance education institution. To this end, a phenomenological method was employed. By means of purposeful and snowball sampling, ten participants from different departments in the humanities were recruited and interviewed. Participants were asked how they felt about teaching, research, community service, administration, compensation and job security, promotions, management, co-workers' behaviour and their physical environment. Findings indicate that the participants have a strong teaching orientation and need a supportive environment. Herzberg's theory on job satisfaction could only be partially confirmed. Management need to consider factors that influence satisfaction and dissatisfaction to improve the wellbeing of this group of academics.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 19 (4) 2005: pp.754-769

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eISSN: 1011-3487