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Teaching and learning and technology: Does WebCT help universities meet organisational and customer goals? A case study

L Ellis, D Vigar-Ellis


This article explores whether WebCT, a virtual learning technology, meets
organisational and customer goals at Coventry University Business School (CBS).
Lecturer and student perceptions about the benefits of WebCT as a teaching and
learning resource are examined as well as the goals of WebCT for the university as
an organization. CBS students completed a structured questionnaire and semistructured
interviews were conducted with lecturers who were selected using
snowball sampling. The findings showed that customers view WebCT as a
supplementary service rather than a replacement to classroom teaching and
learning. This is in line with the organisational goals related to the enhancement of
teaching and learning. The complexities of implementing WebCT, that is, technical
problems, staff work load, and inadequate student support are some of the
challenges discussed. Recommendations and implications made can be applied to
other institutions deciding to implement a virtual learning environment.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 20 (5) 2006: pp.613-626
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