South African Journal of Higher Education

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Plotting the playing field for continuing professional

B L Frick, C A Kapp


Continuing professional development (CPD) has been studied from various
perspectives and within a variety of professional disciplines. Academics in the
natural sciences in higher education have, however, not been the focal point in
these studies as they practise on the interface of different professions. They are a
unique group that practise and develop their occupation within the educational
sphere, whilst their expertise lies within the scientific domain. A qualitative study
amongst lecturers in the natural sciences at Stellenbosch University was conducted
to investigate the conceptualisation of CPD within this professional sector. The
article focuses on what it means to be a professional for university lecturers in the
natural sciences. The article furthermore reports on the need for, and the purpose of
CPD in this sector of higher education.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 21 (3) 2007: pp. 443-456
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