Students learning across differences in a multi-disciplinary virtual learning community

  • V Bozalek
  • P Rohleder
  • R Carolissen
  • B Leibowitz
  • L Nicholls
  • L Swartz


Despite desegregation, and educational policies calling for increased inclusivity in higher education, students in South Africa generally continue to have homogenous social and learning experiences. This article reports on a collaborative student learning community across three disciplines at two universities. The e-learning project aimed to provide students an opportunity for collaborative learning across differences. Feedback and comments from the students revealed that students had the opportunity to learn about socio-economic difference in South African communities, but that there was some avoidance in engaging with issues of race and apartheid. What students most benefited from was learning about the different disciplines.

J South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 21 (7) 2008: pp. 812-825

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1011-3487