Curriculum enquiry about community engagement at a research university

  • CJG Bender University of Pretoria


The curriculum should be paramount in the academic field since the university uses curricula to put its ideas into effect. The curriculum field and community engagement are both comprehensive at universities but research on curricular community engagement (CCE) is imperative. Curriculum theory was used as a theoretical framework for this article, with community engagement regarded as a method, process, programme and practice in higher education. The purpose of this article was firstly to apply analytical philosophical enquiry to the conference proceedings and focus groups (data resources) at two higher education conferences (2006 and 2007) so as to improve concept development and interpretation of CCE. Secondly, it was aimed at using theoretical enquiry to create a conceptual and curriculum scheme for CCE. Thirdly, I consider the meaning of the concept development and interpretation and conceptual scheme for CCE for the Faculty of Education at my research university. The basic curriculum problem for future research is: How do programme and module outcomes, content (syllabus), collaborative partnerships (engagement), and community engagement practice interact?

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1011-3487