Generation Y students: Appropriate learning styles and teaching approaches in the economic and management sciences faculty

  • PL Wessels
  • LP Steenkamp


Generation Y students (born after 1982) have developed a different set of attitudes and aptitudes as a result of growing up in an IT and media-rich environment. This article has two objectives: firstly to discuss the learning styles preferred by generation Y students in order to identify the effect of these preferences on tertiary education in South Africa, and secondly to discuss strategies that lecturers in the economic and management sciences faculty can employ to address these preferences. It was found that Generation Y students prefer team-work, structure, interactivity and image-rich environments. From an exploratory survey it was found that a vast number of students at South African tertiary institutions have been exposed to technology while growing up to such an extent that they can be classified as Generation Y students. A critical learning outcome approach in designing, delivering and assessing courses is suggested for interacting with Generation Y students in the classroom to address many of the preferences of
Generation Y students.

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eISSN: 1011-3487