The efficacy of an audiovisual aid in teaching the Neo-Classical Screenplay Paradigm

  • PG Uys


This study interrogated the central theoretical statement that understanding and learning to apply the abstract concept of classical dramatic narrative structure can be addressed effectively through a useful audiovisual teaching method. The purpose of the study was
to design an effective DVD teaching and learning aid, to justify the design through a literature study, and to test the efficacy of the DVD through approved research methods. Four films were analysed and excerpts containing narrative elements were incorporated in the instructional programme that illuminated classical narrative structure. The teaching instrument was tested on student scriptwriters by exposing two groups (control) to the conventional training method and two groups to the audiovisual method. The research results showed a significant increase (12.6%) in the construction of knowledge and a more skilful application of screenplay structure when students were trained by way of the DVD instructional programme as opposed to the conventional method.

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eISSN: 1011-3487