Rural ARV provision - policy imlications for accelerated ARV roll-out: Reflections on a national dialogue on rural ARV programmes

  • b Gaede


As the Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) project of setting up ARV provision in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, draws to a close after 3 years (as reported in a separate article in this edition), the Nelson Mandela Foundation and MSF organised a 2-day dialogue to explore antiretroviral (ARV) provision in rural South Africa. What follows are some reflections on the 2 days – it is not meant to be a report-back (indeed, a publication based on the proceedings is available free of charge from the Nelson Mandela Foundation1). I would rather reflect on some issues that arose from the meeting that were particularly poignant from the perspective of trying to provide a good-quality ARV service in a poor rural community. Some of these have implications to review national legislation and policies to make them more ‘rural ARV roll-out friendly'.

Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine Vol. 7 (4) 2006: pp. 23-25

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eISSN: 2078-6751
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