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Hyperparathyroidism with presumed sellar-parasellar brown tumour based on imaging findings

Q Said-Hartley, S Candy


Brown tumours are an end-stage complication of hyperparathyroidism. They are relatively rare today, due to earlier diagnosis and prompt treatment of hyperparathyroidism. Common locations are the mandible, pelvis, ribs and long bones of the axial skeleton.2 The skull base is an extremely rare site and, for obvious reasons, it is difficult to confirm the diagnosis in the absence of other lesions. In the face of a solitary lesion, a histological diagnosis of a ‘giant-cell tumour' of benign nature should only be made once hyperparathyroidism has been actively excluded. Brown tumours, solid aneurysmal bone cysts, giant-cell reparative granuloma and giant cell tumour can all appear identical both macroand microscopically.

South African Journal of Radiology Vol. 10 (4) 2006: pp. 29-30

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