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Uraemic tumoral calcinosis in patients on haemodialysis in the renal unit at Dr George Mukhari Hospital, Pretoria

FE Suleman, V Mngomezulu, N Ebrahim


Objective. Uraemic tumoral calcinosis refers to metastatic calcifications that occur rarely on the extensor surfaces of joints in patients undergoing long-term haemodialysis. The aim of the study was to assess the incidence of uraemic tumoral calcinosis in participants undergoing haemodialysis and to investigate any relationship that might exist between the development of uraemic tumoral calcinosis and the length of time on dialysis. Design. Twenty-four of the 25 patients on haemodialysis at the time of the study underwent radiographs of their shoulders and hips to look for calcinosis, which were then read by the researcher and two independent readers to assess for calcinosis. Study setting. Dr George Mukhari Hospital, Pretoria. Results. Eight per cent (N=2) of participants were found to have asymptomatic calcinosis of the hips. No relationship to length of time on dialysis was found. Conclusions. The study was constrained by a small sample size but the presence of calcinosis in 8% of the participants indicates that an extensive study of a larger sample could prove to be useful in determining the true incidence of uraemic tumoral calcinosis in the region. Long-term follow-up could provide more information on the development of calcinosis and length of time on dialysis.

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