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Urachal remnant carcinoma - A rare entity

V Naidu, N Maharaj, A Mitha, J Maharajh, B Singh


Primary malignancy of the urachal remnant is a rare neoplasm that accounts for less than 0.01% of all adult cancers, with an estimated annual
incidence of 1:5 million. The tumour carries a grave prognosis that attests to its highly aggressive nature. Owing to its extra-peritoneal location, the
tumour runs a relatively silent clinical course until late presentation, when most patients display extensive local invasion and metastatic spread. In
this report, we highlight a case of primary malignancy of the urachus that on initial clinical evaluation masqueraded as a Sister Mary Joseph’s nodule.
Characteristic imaging features, however, proved decisive in establishing the diagnosis of a urachal carcinoma.

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