A non-linear understanding of golf putting

  • C Dias
  • FML Martins
  • MS Couceiro
  • FM Clemente
  • R Mendes
Keywords: Golf putting, Performance analysis, Fourier series, Error ellipses.


The aim of this study was to investigate both golf putting precision and accuracy. A new approach is proposed using error ellipses and Fourier series to analyse product variable tendencies in golf putting performance. The sample consisted of 10 male golfers, adults (age=33.80±11.89 years), and volunteers, right handed and experts (10.82±5.40 handicap). Within this context, a ranking of all players, based on the precision and accuracy scores, was carried out, and the best three players with the highest performance, were highlighted. The results indicated that both precision and accuracy of putting performance was adjusted based on the variability conditions and task constraints. It is also noteworthy that the higher ranked players were very regular and stable in their performance even under different practice conditions of variability. These methods may be applied to other sports that require the simultaneous analysis of the precision and the accuracy of a particular movement or motor skill.

Key words: Golf putting; Performance analysis; Fourier series; Error ellipses.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0379-9069