Dynamics of values held by future sports teachers: a longitudinal study

  • R Malinauskas
Keywords: Values, Personal values, Values orientations, Future sport teachers.


The dynamics of personal values and values pertaining to the meaning of life held by future sport teachers was investigated. The two surveys used were the Rokeach Value Survey for identification of the most important personal values and the Leontiev Life Meaning Orientations Test for the evaluation of values pertaining to the meaning of life (defined as ideas about life goals, processes, results and control of life circumstances). The cohort study model was used, and a representative number of students were surveyed during their first year of study (N=168) and then four years later during their fourth year of study (N=154). The research findings revealed that ‘material well-being’ (financially secure lifestyle) and ‘public recognition’ (respect and authority) were the most important values at the fourth-year level (p<0.05) compared their first-year. ‘Clear life goals’ was the value pertaining to the meaning of life that was most significant to future sport teachers in their fourth year of study compared to them during their first year.

Key words: Values; Personal values; Values orientations; Future sport teachers.


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print ISSN: 0379-9069