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Different Venues, Different Markets, Different Experiences: Evidence from Live Music Performances in South Africa

B Manners, M Kruger, M Saayman


The purpose of this research was to determine whether visitors who attend the same live music performance at four different destinations/locations vary and whether their needs were the same for a memorable visitor experience. Two-way frequency tables and Chi-square tests, as well as ANOVA and Tukey’s multiple comparisons were used to investigate any significant differences between the four locations of the shows. The results indicate significant statistical differences between the various locations based on visitor profile, economic impact and what factors visitors regarded as important for a memorable visitor experience. Determining these differences not only equips major music event managers with the improved knowledge to develop and manage future concerts at various destinations (cities) and locations (venues), but this research also helps management to ensure the creation of a memorable visitor experience.

Keywords: Neil Diamond concert, Critical Success Factors, Location, Destination, Event Management, Memorable Visitor Experience

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