Analysis of shots on target and goals scored in soccer matches: Implications for coaching and training goalkeepers

  • Young-Soo Park
  • Man-Sik Choi
  • Sang-Yeol Bang
  • Jeong-Keun Park
Keywords: Soccer, 2012-European Championship, Match analysis, Goalkeeper training.


The aim of this study was to analyse the characteristics and patterns of shots on target and goals scored  during the 2012-European Championship. The broadcasted matches were recorded and converted into  electronic video files for a computerbased analysis. This quantitative study examined 31 matches of the  championship and identified 123 shots on target (which were not goals) and 73 goals scored. The results  revealed that 88 (72%) shots on target and 39 (53.4%) goals scored were aimed at the low zones of the  goalposts. Goalkeepers blocked 80 shootings (65%) from outside of the penalty area, whilst 65 goals (89%) were scored inside the penalty area. Based on the low zones of the goalposts and shooting angles, 72 shots on target and goals scored were from different angles and 55 were from the same angles. There was a significant difference (χ2=20.61; p<0.001) between the 26 goals from different angles and the 13 goals from the same  angles in the low zones of the goalposts. Methodical training programmes for low-flying balls, body  movements, decision-making and cooperative defence strategies were recommended for goalkeeper training.

Key words: Soccer; 2012-European Championship; Match analysis; Goalkeeper training.


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print ISSN: 0379-9069