Benefits and impact influencing support of participants and residents for road race events: a comparative study

  • Chao-Chin Liu
  • Che-Jen Chuang
  • Shumin Chang
  • Chun-Yi Chang
Keywords: Road race, Event benefits, Event impacts, Event support


The aim was to compare the group model test and model path effects of benefits and impacts influencing the support for road race events between participants and residents in Taiwan. A total of 1,825 valid questionnaires were collected. The results revealed the following: (1) The group model of participants was significantly different from that of residents, though both were of well-adapted models, the extent of effect on various events support variables differed between participants and residents; (2) The participants and residents groups’ benefits cognition and impact cognition had significant influence on events support, the path effect value were 42% for the participants which was higher than the 37% for residents. However, the impact cognition of road race event of participants and residents was less obvious than benefit cognition. These results showed that the benefits of road race events gained more attention from both participants and residents, events support was largely influenced by benefits, and the path effect value of participants was higher than that of residents. The support for road race events was mainly affected by the benefits cognition, while the impact cognition of road race events was less obvious.

Keywords: Road race; Event benefits; Event impacts; Event support


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print ISSN: 0379-9069