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Fisieke aktiwiteit, lewenstyl en gesondheidstatus by swart manlike middelvlakbestuurders

Rines Laubscher, Gert L. Strydom, Lukas I. Dreyer


Optimal health could be significantly influenced by parameters such as physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. The objective of this study was to determine whether a relationship exists between leisure-time physical activity, lifestyle and health status of black male midlevel managers. Two hundred and twenty one (221) participants were selected from black midlevel management in a company in the public sector of the North West Province. The type, intensity, frequency and duration of participation in leisure time physical activity were determined by the physical activity index (PAI) as suggested by Sharkey. The lifestyle habits and health status were determined by using the Belloc and Breslow index (BB) and the illness rating scale (IRS) of Wyler et al. respectively. Analyses of data indicated significant differences between physical activity and lifestyle as well as between lifestyle and health status. No significant differences between physical activity and health status were present. A multiple regression analyses indicated a relationship between sleep patterns and health. The health status of the employees could be improved by the implementation of physical intervention programmes, which could be beneficial for the company on the long-term.

(S. African J. for Research in Sport, Physical Ed. and Recreation: 2003 25 (1): 47-58)

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