The effect of selected initiative and cultural activities on the self-concept of young adults at a multicultural institution

  • C.J. Roux
  • J.H. Malan


This study investigated the effect of selected initiative and cultural activities during an intervention programme on the self-concept of first year students at a multicultural tertiary institution. A self-concept scale based on the self-concept scale of Coopersmith (1967) and the Adolescent Sport Self-concept Scale of Vrey (1974) adapted by Paterson (1991) was administered during the various testing occasions of a pre-post-follow-up research design. Data were statistically analysed, where a t-test and a Duncan's multiple range test were applied to determine differences between the experimental group (n=127) and the control group (n=30), as well as between the various testing occasions. There was a significant difference (p<0.01) between the experimental and control group after the intervention programme. The findings of this study revealed a significant positive change (p<0.01) in the self-concept of the subjects.

(S. African J. for Research in Sport, Physical Ed. and Recreation: 2001 23 (2): 89-103)

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print ISSN: 0379-9069