Hindernisse met betrekking tot jeugsportdeelname

  • Zonja Coetzee
  • Mercia Coetzee
  • Karel Botha
Keywords: Sport participation, Constraints, Youth sport, Barriers


The purpose of this study was to assess barriers or constraints that can preclude or limit the sport participation of high school pupils in the Potchefstroom district. Four hundred and seventy eight pupils (211 boys and 267 girls) from four high schools in the Potchefstroom district participated in the study. A questionnaire was used to assess the barriers to sport participation. Data analysis was performed, using Statistica 2000 for Windows 1998. A one-way (ANOVA) and two-way analysis of variance together with the Tuckey post hoc HSD test were used to indicate differences between variables. Practical significance was established by means of effect size. The results of the study showed the constraints that had the most limiting effects on the sport participation as "limited time, family responsibilities, lack of talent or skills, lack of information and lack of available exercise-programmes". The least restrictive constraint was racial relationship. A factor-analysis was performed and five factors were identified: family/culture, finances, skills, facilities and other. The effect size was used to determine whether a difference in the mean values of the identified factors and age, race, and gender ocour. Gender and age showed no relation to the constraints. Race, however, had an effect on the perception of constraints to sport participation.

Keywords: Sport participation, Constraints, Youth sport, Barriers

South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation Vol.26(2) 2004: 1-15

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print ISSN: 0379-9069