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Socio-economic status and menarcheal age in urban African schoolgirls in the Western Cape, South Africa

AL Travill, R Madsen, N Cameron, HC Kemper


The impact of different socio-economic levels, height, weight and sum of four
skinfolds on the menarcheal age of 302 Black, South African school girls ranging in
age from 8 to 17 years was researched. Socioeconomic status was obtained by means
of a questionnaire that focused on the education, income, and occupations of the
parents of the participants and the accommodation in which they were reared.
Menarcheal age was obtained by means of a questionnaire. When restricted to those
girls who had reached menarche, the mean age was found to be 14.34 years
(SD=0.93). The application of survival analysis revealed an estimated median age of
14.25 years with a 95% confidence interval estimate of 14.08 and 14.58. Based on
the log-rank statistic, significant differences were found in the survival curves of the
different SES categories (p=0.0098). It was found that lower SES corresponded to
curves having longer survival times, i.e. later ages of menarche. Differences were
found in weight (p=0.037) and in height (p=0.0042), but no difference in SUM4
(p=0.44), between girls who have reached menarche and those who have not.

Keywords: Socio-economic Status; Menarcheal age; South African; School Girls.

SAJRSPER Vol. 30 (1) 2008 pp. 117-123

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