Benefits of team sport for organisations

  • YT Joubert
  • JJ De Beer
Keywords: Communication, Commitment, Trust, Respect, Support, Friends, Cohesion


Some people experience their work as meaningful, while others experience work as hard labour. One thing is certain: work is an important part of our lives. Work adds value to an individual in the form of self-actualisation, security and relationships. The purpose of this research was to explore employees’ experiences of the benefits of organisational team sport activities. The qualitative exploration study was conducted with employees (N=26) of two financial organisations that participate in organisational team sport. The data were collected by means of focus group interviews and follow-up interviews. The results indicated that a strong bond was established between employees in the organisation during organisational team sport activities. Employees’ work values, i.e. self-actualisation, security and relationships improved which, in turn, led to perceptions of increased productivity. Organisational team sport should furthermore be considered as a vehicle for improving trust, respect, commitment, friendships and communication between employees. The contributions that organisational team sport makes to an organisation are all requirements for an effective workforce

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0379-9069