Challenges in the delivery of adventure education: The case of Botswana Junior Secondary Schools

  • AB Moreri
Keywords: Physical Education teachers, Botswana, Adventure education, Outdoor activities


This qualitative study explored the substantive issues and challenges faced by Physical Education teachers in delivering adventure education in the context of Botswana junior secondary schools. In the first stage of the study, 22 respondents completed a semi-structured questionnaire requesting information pertaining to the research objectives. The second stage entailed in-depth interviews with the 22 respondents to gain deeper insight into specific teachers’ experiences. The findings indicated issues related to provision of outdoor activities; instructional strategies; Physical Education teachers’ knowledge base; and administrative support. Respondents reported a lack of training in the area of adventure education. Their instructional strategies were limited to lecturing about concepts in adventure education without concomitant activity-based learning experiences. Non-appreciation of the module by school administrators also paralysed the teachers’ effort to implement practical outdoor activities. In view of these challenges, the study suggests ways for enhancing effective delivery of adventure education in Botswana junior secondary schools.

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print ISSN: 0379-9069