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Organisational commitment levels of faculty members in sport education institutions in Turkey

Yunus E Karakaya


This study aimed to reveal the organisational commitment levels of faculty members to teaching at higher education institutions in Turkey. To be able to obtain participants’ views, the organisational commitment scale developed by Allen and Meyer in 1990 was used and data was analysed by means of the SPSS 17.0 program. A significant difference was found in the sub-components of affective commitment in terms of tenure related differences and tenure in job status in the organisation. Some significant differences were reported in age, education status and academic rank variables of continuance commitment. No significant differences were seen in any of the normative commitment variables. In addition, a significant positive, medium-level and linear relationship was found between affective commitment and normative commitment. Also a significant positive and linear but low level relationship was obtained between continuance commitment and normative commitment.

Keywords: Higher education; Sport schools; Organisational commitment; Faculty members

South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, 2013, 35(2): 141-152

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