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Management of acute complex traumatic wound with a dermal regeneration template: Case report

R.R.V. Patel, M Giaquinto-Cillers, J Kotze, R.S. Hartnick, L.W. van der Merwe, E.B. Holford


Background: Acute complex traumatic wounds of the lower limbs are usually managed by a combination of multiple debridements, dressing changes, and specialized surgical procedures which may include tissue transfers for the reconstruction of the soft tissue injury. The recovery is lengthy, and the outcome dependent on the initial injury, the surgical procedures undertaken and rehabilitation programs with a multidisciplinary team.

Methods: A nine-year-old male patient presented to Kimberly Hospital with an extensive soft tissue injury of the leg associated with a tibia fracture caused by a high velocity pedestrian vehicle accident.

Results: A combination of proper wound care, “homemade” negative pressure wound therapy dressings, reduction of fracture and use of a dermal regeneration template over the fracture site, followed by skin grafting was used to manage the wound.

Conclusion: The final functional and cosmetic results obtained with the case suggest that the dermal regeneration template may provide a potential alternative for coverage of complex wounds, which might include an open fracture, without the need for complex tissue transfer interventions.

Keywords: reconstruction of lower limbs, dermal regeneration template, complex acute wounds, leg trauma, traumatic wounds

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