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Fibroadenoma in the axillary accessory breast

M Motsumi, M Narasimhamurthy, M Gabolwelwe


Summary: A 30-year-old female noted a mass in her right axilla for 6 years. The mass was painless, slowly growing, causing discomfort, had cyclical changes in consistency and was of cosmetic concern to the patient. Examination revealed normal breasts and a soft, non-tender, broad based mass in the right axilla. Sonography was non-diagnostic. Diagnostic doubt, cosmetic concern and discomfort to the patient prompted excisional biopsy which revealed a 1 cm fibroadenoma with surrounding breast tissue and a diagnosis of fibroadenoma arising in accessory breast tissue was made. Surgical excision is recommended for symptomatic accessory breast tissue where diagnostic doubt exists and for cosmetic reasons.

Keywords: Fibroadenoma in Supernumerary breast, Fibroadenoma in Ectopic breast, Fibroadenoma in Accessory breast, Fibroadenoma in polymastia.
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