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Met kerse op <i>met</i>-konstruksies<sup>1</sup>: ’n Verwysingspuntperspektief

Johanna Messerschmidt
Luna Bergh


This article analyses the usage of the Afrikaans preposition met (‘with’). The analysis is done within the framework of Cognitive Linguistics and more specifically within the model proposed by Langacker (1993) and Van Hoek (1992, 1995, 1997) regarding reference point phenomena within Cognitive Grammar. This leads to a more comprehensive analysis and extends the description given by Ponelis. A thorough overview of the applicable literature is given, both classic and recent. Using real usage data, the article classifies the usage of met into six categories and shows that more than one prototype exists. A systematic extension of the metaphor ASSOCIATED ENTITIES ARE is proposed and shown to exist in the data. The research shows that a reference point interpretation leads to a comprehensive analysis that brings out the richness involved in the patterned and motivated use of this preposition in Afrikaans.

Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies 2011, 29(1): 97–113