Community health survey of Oukasie, 1987

  • P.M Barron
  • P. De L. G. M. Ferrinho
  • E. Buch
  • J.S.S. Gear
  • A. Morris
  • F.M. Orkin
  • S Becker
  • A. Jeffrey


A series of surveys were conducted at the request of the community of Oukasie to determine certain public health information in the township, a peri-urban black community. This article describes two of these surveys. The first, a census and partial demographic survey, showed that the total black population was around 6300 with a mean household occupancy of 4,1. Some of the estimated vital statistics calculated were an infant mortality rate of 36,6/1 000, a crude birth rate of 28,0/1 000, a crude death rate of 6,5/1000, and a general fertility rate of 99,3/1 000. The second survey into the nutritional and immunisation status of children aged under 5 years showed that 20% of children were underweight and nearly half were incompletely immunised at 1 year of age. These studies, involving local community and student volunteers, were rapidly and inexpensively done and provide basic public health Information.


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eISSN: 0256-95749
print ISSN: 2078-5135