Ipratropium bromide delivered by metered-dose aerosol to infant wheezers

  • A. G. Wesley
  • F. Paruk
  • M. H. Broughton
  • E. Gouws


Two methods of administration of ipratropium bromide (Atrovent; Boehringer Ingelheim) to wheezing children'< 25 months of age were compared: (i) the conventional nebulisation (15 children); and (ii) a metered-dose aerosol plus spacer and mask (MDA group, 17 children). The drug induced a significant and similar fall in respiratory rate in both groups. Transcutaneous carbon dioxide pressure was also reduced significantly but was more marked in the MDA group. This increase in alveolar ventilation was 'similar in those < 12 months as in older children; in those with recurrent or with first time wheezing; and in those with radiological evidence of pneumonia. Clinical assessment of bronchospasm and recession was recorded as improved' in over 80% of both groups. The MDA delivery of ipratropium bromide was as effective as nebulisation and was more convenient, since it required less time and equipment. It was also well accepted by the small patients.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0256-95749
print ISSN: 2078-5135