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Inherited bleeding disorders

N. Alli, J. Vaughan, S. Louw, E. Schapkaitz, J. Mahlangu


Abnormal bleeding is a common clinical presentation in general practice, and a rational  approach to this problem is therefore required. Investigation of a suspected bleeding disorder necessitates a comprehensive history, thorough physical examination and systematic laboratory work-up. Inherited bleeding disorders (IBDs) typically manifest in childhood, but may present later in life after a haemostatic challenge (such as trauma, surgery, tooth extraction). This two-part CME series is intended to provide insight to the medical practitioner on the clinical spectrum, diagnosis and management of bleeding disorders. Bleeding due to inherited disorders is the subject of discussion in part 1 (current issue), and in part 2 (forthcoming issue) the focus is on bleeding from acquired causes. Patients diagnosed with an IBD should ideally be referred to a dedicated tertiary healthcare facility, e.g. haemophilia centre, for management and follow-up.
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