Survival outlook for middle-aged populations in South Africa

  • ARP Walker


The following topics are discussed, with special reference to changing patterns in the South African populations: (i) diet; (ii) mortality of the young; (iii) growth, overweight and obesity; (iv) arterial disease; (v) mortality in the middle-aged and elderly. The view is reached that with progressive sophistication .of diet and manner of life, the concomitant change from infections and nutritional deficiencies to degenerative diseases, as main causes of death at middle-age and beyond, reduces rather than increases chances of survival. The possibility that the ultimate longevity of populations may be genetically programmed is briefly discussed.

S. Afr. Med. J., 48, 2053 (1974).

Author Biography

ARP Walker
MRC Human Biochemistry Research Unit, South African Institute for Medical Research, Johannesburg

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eISSN: 0256-95749
print ISSN: 2078-5135